About Tudeski

After years of talk and three trips to the alps Tudeski has finally taken shape. With the help of sponsors we were able to buy an adapted ski chair for Tudur. The chair, built by Pier Tessier is a highly sophisticated piece of engineering that has been refined over 12 years to a point where someone with Tudur\'\s high level of disability - T4 paraplegic - can ski on his own. Tessier are at the cutting edge of adaptive ski equipment and disability snowsports.


We are so impressed by this chair that we want to get one that we can use in the UK and inspire other people, with a similar level of disability to Tudur,to do something that they would never have thought possible.


We also aim to share our experience of disabled skiing, though this website, to make it easier for people in a similar position that we were in a few years ago to find information on disabled skiing, adaptive ski equipment and disability snowsports.


To raise awareness of Tessier's disabled ski equipment


We are so impressed by the quality of design and engineering that has gone into the Dualski and Tessier's other ski chairs that we want to help raise awareness of Tessier by promoting them through this website and by demonstrating the Dualski on dry ski slopes and snowdomes in England.


To share our experience of adaptive skiing


When we first started researching disabled skiing 3 years ago there was very little information on the web. That has improved since then, the Disability Snowsport Uk website has improved a lot, and hopefully with the inclusion of this site to the world wide web other people with a similar level of injury to Tudur, and theirs friends, will see that they could do it as well.

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